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14 Educational Games to Teach Your Kids About Business

Posted by freeschool on December 24, 2007


eMoms at home lists fourteen educational games you can use to teach your kids about business.  Here’s a summary:

Board Games

  • Monopoly – “the grandfather of all money & investment games”
  • KidsWealth Money Kit – “teach kids to manage real money in a safe, structured, and supported manner”
  • Stock Rush Game – “all the basic principles of trading used in the real world”

Computer Games

Also included in the post are a couple Pretend and Play items for younger kids, and a lemonade stand and lemonade maker to put your kid’s skills to use.


One Response to “14 Educational Games to Teach Your Kids About Business”

  1. Doktor Holocaust said

    There are lots of console games that, like the Sims and Tycoon PC games, teach resource management. various iterations of Harvest Moon spring readily to mind, as does Chibi Robo: Park Patrol for the nintendo DS

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