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Spark new interest by clearing the coffee table

Posted by freeschool on January 16, 2008

BraveWriter reminds us to “clear the coffee table” to spark interests.

…clear off a space that is taken for granted in your house and put something out that is surprising, new, novel or has been overlooked for a long time.

Suggestions include:

  • bucket of Legos
  • collection of art postcards
  • Poetry books
  • decks of cards
  • the game mancala
  • paintbrushes and watercolor paints
  • new pencils
  • note cards
  • disposable cameras
  • a birding field guide
  • binoculars
  • chess or checkers
  • a mini white board and markers
  • bean bags
  • beads and wire to make bracelets
  • an assortment of shells and fossils
  • teatime essentials (like mugs, teabags, a muffin mix and poetry)
  • picture books from the library
  • jacks
  • back issues of National Geographic from the library
  • a new DVD

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