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Online Art Game : Jason Pollock

Posted by freeschool on January 22, 2008

Artsy kids will enjoy this online art game, and be exposed to some modern art.

For any enthusiast of Pollock’s particular style of painting there’s a neat flash site by London based artist Miltos Manetas (original design by Stamen) which encourages the frustrated artist in us all to vent and create a drip-style masterpiece!

Tips: Click the space bar or enter button to erase your drawing and the mouse to change the color of your brush.

via Neatorama


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Thomas Edison on inventing

Posted by freeschool on January 18, 2008

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

– Thomas Edison

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Family Game Night: Quelf

Posted by freeschool on January 12, 2008

Here’s a game that looks like great fun that I haven’t run across before.

Ages 12 & up / 3-8 players / 60 minutes to play

Quelf is insanity in a box! With this hilariously silly party game, you will have outrageous fun with your family and friends. Quelf will inspire you to use your creativity, wit and sense of humor in ways you’ve never imagined.

As you move around the game board, as one of eight quirky characters, crazy things start to happen. Your friends start talking strangely. Your mom’s face is wrapped in toilet paper. Your dad is acting like Dracula. And you are reciting a poem about your armpits.

Each game of Quelf is a new journey into wackiness. When the dust settles and someone crawls away the winner, you realize…you’ve never had this much fun playing a board game in your life!

Perfect for: family get-togethers, rainy day entertainment, teen parties, youth groups, ice breakers and curing cabin fever.

– 550 Quelf cards in five categories
– Game board
– 8 character game pieces
– 2 pencils & pad of paper
– Sand timer
– 1 giant invisible harpoon (it’s invisible for a reason, use it wisely)

via Escape Adulthood

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