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Fun Geography Flash Game

Posted by freeschool on November 20, 2007

If your unschooler/homeschooler likes geography, or needs some practice, this geography flash game is just the thing you need.

“This is a fun, fast little game that’ll test your reflexes as well as your recollection of capitals and famous places; and maybe you’ll learn a few things as well. But I’d suggest you practice a bit before you challenge your kids!”

Brought to you by, it ranks your geography IQ based on how many places you can find and how accurately you find them.  The places get harder as you go along, and include famous places from history, like the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Hanging Gardens.  It can be pretty difficult.

If you get one totally wrong, you might get a snarky comment like “This is Earth. You know that, right?”

via Neatorama


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