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HOW-TO: Build a cardboard spaceship

Posted by freeschool on January 24, 2008

Boing Boing posted a set of instructions for building a cardboard rocketship playhouse from out of washer-dryer boxes.

via Boing Boing


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Pretend you are a giant octopus

Posted by freeschool on January 18, 2008

Not every kid likes “dress up,” and especially not most boys over a certain age.  My boys (9 and 10) still like dressing up, but only if it means wearing the garb of a medieval warrior (including weapons), ninja, monster, or pirate.

So, when I saw these tentacle arms for sale for only $15 an arm, I knew my boys would be enthralled with them.  I might buy them and hide them under their blankets, with just a slight bit of tentacle sticking out.

While we’ve been using our primitive, apelike arms like a bunch of jerks, the squids of the world have been clutching their prey with their superior tentacles and laughing at us. Until now! For the first time, you can have tentacles of your very own. Equipped with suction cups and plenty of creepy greenness.

And, speaking of giant sea creatures, you might want to listen to the related songs by Jonathan Coulton:

Note that not all kids will get JoCo’s humor like my kids do, nor will all parents find all of his songs appropriate.  The songs mentioned above have no swearing, but a few of his songs do.  Do your kids also like Weird Al Yankovic and Monty Python?
via BoingBoing

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Child’s Inventor’s Kit

Posted by freeschool on January 3, 2008

Someone posted a list of things to include in a child’s “Inventor’s Box”, for ages 5 to 10-ish, perfect for unschooling, homeschooling, or a gift:

  • Felt
  • poster board
  • pvc pipes with connector corners
  • hammer
  • nails
  • small saw
  • paint brushes
  • paint
  • rope
  • connector ties large
  • large plastic (heavy gauge)
  • two way sticky tape
  • pop sickle sticks (large size)
  • old pieces of carpet for the “floor/floor board”
  • nuts, bolts, screws, washers
  • tool box: tape measure, screw drivers, plyers,
  • ruler
  • markers
  • pencil
  • drawing paper (maybe graph paper)
  • tool belt
  • 2x2s
  • pieces of plywood but to various sizes
  • clothes pins, pipe cleaners, clips, clamps), springs, hinges
  • wire, wire snips, plastic tubing, pulleys
  • casters
  • propellers
  • pipe cleaners
  • some little motors from the craft store
  • styrofoam for boats
  • clamps and glue
  • Tweezers, safety glasses, magnifying glass, tape measure, hole punch
  • Consumables: plastic or paper cups, empty and washed drink
  • bottles/cartons, foil, wax paper
  • zipties
  • erector set odds and ends
  • little springs (From the hardware store)
  • notebook for idea drawings
  • knobs and dials
  • cardboard? Empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, boxes, etc.
  • Rubber bands? Scissors? String/wires?
  • pieces of craft wood
  • cotton balls
  • duct tape / scotch tape / glue
  • bottle caps
  • wine corks

via Unschooling Resources Yahoo! Group

If you can think of anything else to add, please let me know in the comments.

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Blast Off with a Cardboard Rocket House

Posted by freeschool on November 20, 2007

What kid wouldn’t like a play-house rocket?

The Paperpod Rocket is a fantastic resource to encourage role-play and stimulate your child’s imagination. Your young astronauts can decorate both inside and out before zooming off to distant planets to enjoy their own space adventure.

When done, it can be folded flat – an ideal storage solution. Use in the home, childcare setting, or school to create a personal touch. Excellent for children’s parties!

Price: £29.99

via GeekDad

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