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Fun Science Videos / Experiments

Posted by freeschool on February 1, 2008

How To Time Travel

Science is fun and educational with Professor Gizmo and his Amazing Science Presentations. You will learn how airplanes fly, how gravity works, where weather comes from and more, through this award-winning science teacher’s zany experiments and the incredible, explosive gizmos he makes out of ordinary household items. Professor Gizmo-Amazing Science Presentations: Fun Science.

Additional videos under Kids Fun and Games.

via Ursi’s Blog


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Home Chemistry Blog

Posted by freeschool on January 12, 2008

New blog discovered!!   Great for homeschoolers and unschoolers doing science at home, the Home Chemistry Blog is written by a homeschooling parent of a 15 and 12 year old.

The Home Chemistry Blog posts experiments they are working on, information about chemistry in general, and more.  They’ve even posted on the GeekDad blog.

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Mastering math and science learning

Posted by freeschool on January 11, 2008

Pickthebrain directs us on how to master math and science learning.  The strategies include:

  • Get comfortable with your formulas.
    • Start off by keeping a special section of your notebook specifically for formulas. As you learn new ones, write them down. Review your formula list as often as possible, at least a few times a week. You don’t need to spend a lot of time — it’s more important to review frequently. The idea is to build familiarity.
  • Do problems
    • They only way to get this knowledge is experience.

You’ll also find that memorizing important formulas and working through problems will improve your understanding of the broader concepts and how they fit together.

via LifeHack 

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Fun chemical reaction experiment (Briggs-Rauscher Reaction)

Posted by freeschool on January 11, 2008

Here’s an known as the Briggs-Rauscher Reaction, which looks really cool. Basically, when several clear liquids are combined, the mixture quickly changes colors — back and forth — over and over again. The experiment was perfected by high school science teachers in 1973.

What’s happening?

Several reactions take place at once. One of them produces iodine, which gives the amber color. Hydrogen peroxide reduces other chemicals into iodide ions. Along with normal iodine, the charged particles interact with starch to create it a blue-black color. The speeds of those transformations are constantly changing. As one overtakes the other, the color suddenly changes.

Here are directions on how to perform the experiment.

What You’ll Need

Be aware that some of the chemicals involved are dangerous, as specified in the above linked MSDS’s. Use caution and protection such as goggles and gloves. Also note that I am merely bringing this experiment to your attention and am no science expert of any kind. Try this only if you know what you are doing.

via BoingBoing via The Wired Science blog

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Online Physics Games

Posted by freeschool on January 9, 2008

“Xavier Enigma’s Next Physics Game. Draw your own shapes and let gravity take its toll. Circles are near impossible, but levers are easy.”

My 9-year-old loves these. The one we are most familiar with is Crayon Physics, a freeware game.

“You play with crayons and physics. The goal of the game is to move the red ball so that it collects the stars. You can cause the red ball to move by drawing physical objects. “

via MentalFloss

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HOW TO – Make a simple pulley

Posted by freeschool on January 3, 2008

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has a page on Simple Machines (Pulleys and Gears) which includes:

Keep an eye out for simple machines everywhere (the world is your school), like in the playground.

The site also links to some relevant sites on simple machines:

via Yes, They Are All Mine

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