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Posted by freeschool on February 1, 2008

TeacherTube, as you might guess, is a video site with content that teachers (or parents) may find useful.   Started in March of last year, the site is a great resource for brushing up on your Earth Science or explaining electromagnetism.

via GeekDad 


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Practicing Daily Excellence

Posted by freeschool on January 2, 2008

Mental Multivitamin posts A Lifetime of Excellence, about trying to improve yourself and your teaching to the point of everyday excellence.

My favorite bit:

“Many of us can be excellent for a day, but we find a lifetime of excellence to be just a bit difficult. Good teachers leave their egos and problems at the door each morning. They become so immersed in the children they teach that they forget time, problems, who they are, or what they can’t do. They believe that they exist for their students. They hear with their hearts, they see with their souls, and they teach with their conscience.”

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